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This script has seen many rewrites, including setting changes, timeline adjustments, character development, plot twists and cultural sensitivity considerations.

This screenplay falls outside of the typical Hollywood 3 Act Structure and withholds a formulated resolution, which might be the reason why it placed well in a screenwriting contest in Rome.

Caterpillar Girl is a provocative close-to-truth coming of age story set against a scenic vista and a cold city.


This Serial contains complex characters and a great level of psychological twists and turns. It is based on a novel written by Goran Zivanovic (Co-founder of Gothic Zen Studios) called Acupuncture of The Mind.

The pilot episode is completely written and filming will commence in early 2021. For more details, check it out on IMDb or the official website.

The novel, Acupuncture of The Mind, is the bones of this series. Find it at your favorite bookstore or selected libraries.

This work throughout is in depth and consciously intricate, intelligent and quite deft. A good work to sit and think through.

5 Stars, "Damian",

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