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The most powerful stories sneak up on you


A supernatural awakening causes a religious Preacher to morph into a rules-loathing mind specialist who uses controversial methods to assist his desperate patients.

Wow. This just rocked my brain. I will be doing several more readings of this one. Fantastic , well written kind bender.


5 Stars, Amazon

I started reading Acupuncture Of The Mind after my friend told me about it. She described it as deep, intellectual and as being able to shake up your beliefs and reality … If you’re curious about psychology, supernatural, paranormal, UFOs or even religion, you could get something meaningful out of this …


5 Stars, Barnes and Noble


This short story was penciled down against the Author’s will at first, until the face of reason began to emerge.

This possession-like writing session helped changed Goran’s writing style.

Goran has an intriguing mind, I highly recommend his works. Always interesting.


5 Stars, Amazon