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Screenwriting Courses

bring the world to your imagination


This is Act 1 of your screenwriting journey

Imagine This…

A brilliant concept drops into your mind and you find yourself thinking ‘Geez, this would make a great film!

Unsure what to do next, you join Screenwriting groups on social media and find all kinds of contradictory advice. You also, unfortunately, meet obnoxious people who think they know it all.

Determined to write your script, you push your frustration aside and start Googling the shit out of formatting; but, this only leads to more confusion.

Then, in an effort to share your concept with the world, you decide to invest in books. You find some semi-helpful, but most are either overly complicated and formulaic, or written by some wannabee with a big ego who gives terrible advice.

Can you relate to any of this?

Congratulations, you’ve entered the world of screenwriting


who will help you get things straight

Gothic Zen™ Studios with actors and crew

Learn from film industry professionals

Goran Zivanovic (the guy with the crazy hair) is the Co-Founder of Gothic Zen™ Studios and a qualified and practicing Filmmaking Lecturer.

Helping students navigate the wonderful world of Screenwriting is his speciality, which is why the Gothic Zen™ Studios Screenwriting Course provides much more than just screenwriting formulas and formatting guidelines. Knowing how to move forward with your script once it’s complete, and how and where you can sell it, are topics that Goran passionately explores with his students.

Goran’s holistic approach to Screenwriting has gained a strong reputation for being able to expand the potential of his Screenwriting students.

As a published author, awarded creative writer and industry-recognised Screenwriter, Goran has been polishing his writing skills for decades. Working with clients and students, from teenagers to retirees, from diverse backgrounds, has also shaped his ability to support future Screenwriters as they enter the film industry.

If you want real people who can answer your burning questions in a supportive and co-productive environment, Gothic Zen™ Studios invites you to take the next step in your journey and become the cinematic storyteller you deserve to be!

Need to know

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What's on offer?

You’ll find Gothic Zen™ Studios’ Screenwriting Course is:

  • Designed to teach you the latest, most respected screenwriting techniques and formatting requirements

  • Distinct from most Screenwriting short courses, as it also teaches you the basics of the film industry (essential information that will help you develop a strong, well-rounded script)

  • A short course that will give you maximum impact – FAST

  • Operated by industry professionals with Australian teaching qualifications

  • Ideal for those interested in Feature Film Development

  • Ready to give you the skills needed to successfully advance in the screenwriting discipline.

Is it suitable for me?

This short course is ideal for beginner and intermediate storytellers interested in Feature Film Development and will lightly touch on Documentaries and Serials.

What is the duration?

This intensive course comprises of 5 classes held over a 9 day period.

– 2 Fridays* classes, +

– 2 Saturday* classes, +

– 1 mid-week Zoom call, which will provide script feedback and further support.

*These days may change depending on your location.

Online Course Coming Soon

When, Where and How much?

Gothic Zen™ Screenwriting Course operate at intervals throughout the year, and as demand dictates.

The next face-to-face course is due to begin in 2021 in South East Queensland, with other staes and teritories following.

Online Zoom courses will launch soon, depending on student numbers.

To register your interest and receive details about costs and pre-course requirements, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

For a full information pack, please send us an email using the form below.

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