Goran Zivanovic

Screenwriter | Qualified Film Lecturer | Creative Director

Goran Zivanovic Gothic Zen Studios
Gothic Zen® Studios (Co-Founder)

Goran Zivanovic is known for his deeply raw and hauntingly seductive style in literature, script and visuals. With a tendency to induce unsettling realities and push themed boundaries in his work, Goran continues to morph into a captivating filmmaker with long form works in production.

To achieve fulfillment and purpose in his concepts, Goran harnesses sensitive and emotional aspects of cerebral observations and steers them into a narrative that connects with unsuspecting audiences. His holistic and stylistic approach is closer to the European cinematic styles than to the Hollywood variations.

Goran’s awards in storytelling (visual and written) are not as important to him as the freedom to reveal the soul of his creations. The purpose for his productions is to entertain and to open essential conversations, no matter how sensitive the themes are.