Goran Zivanovic

producing confronting films echoing absurdist behaviours

Two of Goran’s earlier novels became the inspiration to move towards screenwriting disciplines and graduate with a Bachelor of Film Production from SAE Institute Byron Bay. He continues to naturally develop a strong visually emotive writing style that compliments his deep observational skills.

Goran holds a teaching qualification and is a respected screenwriting lecturer who teaches on a domestic and international level. He also works with private clients through his film production house, Gothic Zen Studios, with his partner, Clare Zivanovic.

Regardless of small awards in various storytelling disciples, Goran believes the greatest stories are the result of bravery and involvement, not signposts and strict formulas. He prefers intuition over science to deliver a mentally congealing experience to his target audience.

Award winning

→  Screenwriter

  Creative writer

  Cinematic Storyteller

Film Lecturer


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